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Author and Illustrator Ashley Akkermans

Sully is a wild, free-spirited, and challenging horse. A rodeo pick-up man named Joe chooses him in the hopes of making Sully his official pick-up horse. Sully has a big day at one of the largest rodeos, where he must show that he’s brave and strong enough to partner with Joe. Can he face his fears so Joe can make Sully his official pick-up horse? Or will he give up when scared, and need to be put out to pasture?

This story is about courage, capturing the work and life of a rodeo pick-up horse and the special bond between cowboy and horse.

Inspired by, and written from the perspective of a real pickup horse, Sully The Rodeo Pickup Horse will ignite passion and excitement about rodeo, horses, and western living. This book is suitable for children 6-11 years old, but will be loved by all.

Interview with the Cowgirl Channel

Ashley Akkermans’ Interview about Sully The Rodeo Pickup Horse

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